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Slot Punches
Both the hand-held and table-top models easily perforate cards with slots for strap clips and luggage straps. The table-top model is mounted on a sturdy steel base making slotting large quantities of cards both fast and easy. This comes equipped with an adjustable alignment guide to set punch depth and position. Click Here to View More Pictures

Corner Rounders
This product gives all laminated documents the professional finishing touch. The table model has a wide surface, edge guide, and an easy-to-use press lever cutter. The hand held model has a self-guided feed to ensure accurate cuts.

We also carry Eyeletter Machines that quickly punch holes and rivet the eyelets to badges for use with bead chains.
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Fingerprint Equipment
The Porelon® Fingerprint Taking Combination features a Porelon® fingerprint pad and cardholder(s) mounted on a common base. Each platinum-finished, aluminum base features integral mounting brackets with prepunched holes for mounting. This system is perfect for small to midsize facilities.

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Credential Leather Cases

These are beautiful handcrafted cases made of full grain leather. It's the top of the Hide that has not received any mechanical correction; considered stronger, resists cracking and provides longer wearing leather. All credential cases can be customized and decorated using one of our techniques: Hot Stamping or Embossing.


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Other Accessories
We stock Photo Backdrops, Carrying Cases, Tripods, Laminating film rolls, generic ID cards, and a variety of other products. Please call us for assistance with your special needs. Click Here to View More Pictures Click Here to View More Pictures

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