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Lanyards are a very popular accessory for wearing and displaying IDs. They are available in many styles and colors, and can be worn without harming clothing. Custom imprinting is available on some styles.







Design Lanyards          Classic Lanyards

Neck Chains
Practical and attractive, our Beaded Neck Chains are available in both metal and plastic and are used for a wide variety of purposes. Metal chains come in 30” and 36” lengths. Plastic chains are available in a choice of colors. All our chains have a metal connector for easy, secure attachment.
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Retractable Badge Reels
Retractable reels are available in both lightweight plastic and rugged steel. All styles feature a heavy-duty spring and durable retractable cord (up to 29") and can be customized with your logo. They are attached with either a bulldog clip, slide-type belt clip, or locking bar pin.
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Strap Clips
The most widely used Strap Clip, comes in a variety of styles, materials and colors, giving you the solutions for nearly every badge attachment requirement. Click Here to View More Pictures

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Badge Holders
This product provides unobstructed views of the ID card in applications requiring continuous badge display. One of the most common styles features a vinyl-pocket badge holder with metal clips. We stock Proximity, Rigid and Magnetic Holders. Many badge holders can also be purchased in a variety of colors.
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The Secure Badge Holders
The Secure Badgeholder™ is a durable, rigid plastic card holder designed to protect a single contactless PIV, CAC, or identification card. Holds one ISO 7810 ID-1 card (standard credit card size) contactless smart card
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These attachments allow for identification of luggage, briefcases or sports bags. Use them for your employees or as an advertisement to your customers. They are available in leather, vinyl, plastic and a variety of colors.
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Clips & Pins
Badge Clips are used in a wide variety of applications and can be attached in different ways to any type of badge. They are also used along with neck lanyards, or other cords and straps to secure one or more items together.
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Laminates & Laminating Film
We carry clear laminates in standard sizes made from the highest quality materials. We can also customize sizes and add features like magnetic stripe, code mask, photo wells and colors to accommodate your needs.

If what you need is laminating film materials, we have a wide variety of thicknesses, widths, lengths and finishes to fit your laminator.

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Polaroid Film
The combination of our line of Photo ID cameras and Polaroid film assures consistency in achieving high-quality photos every time. We stock both color and black/white instant film and our staff will be able to assist you in obtaining Polaroid film to meet your specific needs.

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Video Imaging Supplies & Software

Assure ID Software, From proximity cards to multifunction smart cards, today's ID cards do far more than simply present a name and face. They conduct financial transactions, access networks and provide secure records management. Worldwide, organizations of all sizes count on Fargo Secure Software to help them streamline their operations, improve efficiency and tighten security.

EPISUITE comes in three feature-rich editions, Lite, Classic and Professional and is the only photo ID software that is certified to operate on all Microsoft® Windows™ platforms.

EPISUITE is also the only photo ID solution with true flexibility. It connects to any ODBC database, accepts commands from RS232 access control systems, uses VFW or TWAIN-compliant devices to capture images, and outputs to Windows-compatible card document and video printers. This means you can custom design a security system that fits within your current budget, and upgrade it as your organization grows.

We also offer a full range of consumable supplies: plain and pre-printed plastic cards, printer ribbons, cleaning kits and special media paper for dye-sub printer

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Wristbands from ID Systems are waterproof, tough, comfortable, tamper resistant and affordable. We have a large selection in stock and we can custom design wristbands. We deliver fast and friendly service.

Wristband Uses


Better than a stamp - wristbands can’t be transferred or copied. Our specialty wristband products contain unique identification and security features. Please call us for details.



TIMEbadges Self-Expiring Badges TIMEbadges expire automatically to prevent unauthorized reuse. The visual alert eliminates the need to color code, read dates, or worry about uncollected badges.

Expiration times:
•2-3 Hours

Once the FrontPart of the badge is applied to the BackPart, expiration begins and cannot be reversed.


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